What do you see for yourself in 2022?

Posted by Kenya Renfroe on

Hello beautiful people, Khay here! 

I have seen so many people creating a vision board for themselves for the new year and I have created one as well. I think creating this board will really help me to heal emotionally and mentally. The reason I started this business is because I didn't feel like myself after having my first child (what mom does?). I was broken, gained so much weight, really didn't care about my appearance, and...lets be honest...depressed! I didn't want other moms feeling like that, we as mothers need to take care of us! We deserve to take care of ourselves too! 

On my vision board I put things that I saw for myself that I believe will help me to take care of my body! I challenge you to create a vision board and put things on there that you see for yourself in 2022. Whether it is drinking more water, or putting earrings on before you walk out the door, create your vision board with the things that will help you heal and help you find peace.

Much love, Khay!