The Journey

of Khay Kolor Beauty 

Hey beautiful!  Thank you so much for visiting my website. I know you may be wondering how to pronounce our name and where I got it from? It is pronounced like the letter K and  how I got it, well when I was growing up my mom always called me KK (hence the logo). I decided to add some letters to it when spelling it and that is how I came up with the name Khay. 

My journey of becoming a business owner began after having my first baby in 2020. I wanted to help women understand the importance of self care. A lot of times women forget to take care of themselves, especially moms. My goal for this business is to help women know how important they are and that it is okay to put yourself first once in a while. We put everyone and everything before ourselves and then we tend to forget about us. My why, in creating Khay Kolor, Is to make sure every woman feels beautiful in her own skin! So whether you want to put some lipstick on, or moisturize your skin, then do it, but do it with a smile, and do it with confidence! 

Khay Kolor offers a variety of different color vegan matte lipstick, homemade lip scrub to help keep your lips soft and refreshed. We understand how dry matte lipstick can make your lips. We also offer moisturizing body butter to help keep your skin nice and soft after a nice shower, or just to use as a daily moisturizer. You deserve to be happy, and to take care of you! 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us via email and don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter for special promotions, announcements, and updates! Thank you so much for choosing my small business! 

Our Customers Love Us

Helga B.


Just received the lipsticks and love the colors! Thank you Kenya!

Trinity D.


This whipped body butter is quickly becoming a staple this fall! During this time of year my skin gets really dry. This body butter helps lock in the moisture longer! Love it and can't wait to see what else is coming!

Jessica D. 


I just tried the lip scrubs and I am in love!!

Jealena J. 


Loving this color, you will continue to have my support!